Boris Johnson makes surprise visit to Israel, expresses solidarity amid war with Hamas

Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson along with former Australian PM Scott Morrison took a trip to Israel, Sunday to express their solidarity amid war with Hamas.

As per reports former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are in Israel making a joint visit to express solidarity and support for Israel following the terrible terrorist attacks on October 7,” the spokeswoman stated.

The 17th Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN, Israeli lawmaker Danny Danon, announced on Twitter/X that Johnson and Morrison landed at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport early on Sunday morning.

Danon thanked the two former prime ministers for their “steadfast support” of Israel and described them as “true friends” of the country.

According to local media, the two visited Israeli Defense Force (IDF) army barracks early on Sunday and are scheduled to visit the Gaza Strip during the day.

Johnson spoke with British citizens who are in the IDF, according to Israel National News.

During the visit, he declared, “I’m here to express my strong solidarity with Israel, the people of Israel.”

“My main objective was to express my strong disagreement with individuals who attempt to draw a moral comparison between your actions and those of the terrorists.”

“The important thing is for people like me who care about this issue to get across what we know to be the truth,” he stated in response to a question regarding the way the Israel-Hamas conflict has been covered by the British media. It’s the reason I’m here.

He went on, “I just want to emphasize the clear moral difference that I see between what Israel is attempting, even though it hasn’t always been completely successful.

Naturally, Israel will make mistakes and suffer, just like any other army or military force. But from what I can see, Hamas terrorists have placed the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in that horrifying situation.

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declaring there won’t be a ceasefire until all captives are freed, Israel is continuing its punishment against Hamas over the strikes earlier this month.

As reported by the UN, 9,061 Palestinians have died in the conflict, with women and children making up 62% of the dead.

Approximately 1,400 people were killed and 200 more were abducted by Hamas during their terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7.

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