BMTC bus fell, 12 persons injured

A BMTC bus fell after hitting toward the side incline of the Chord Road flyover on Wednesday morning injuring 12 persons. The bus was moving from Kaval Byrasandra to Karnataka Housing Board in northern Bengaluru. The route goes to the BMTC’s Sumanahalli depot. Soon after the bus neared the overhead incline of the flyover near Rajajinagar 1st Block approximately about 10.45 am its front wheels knocked the retaining wall on the left side. The Malleswaram traffic police hurried to the point and moved the wounded to the nearby Fortis Hospital.

“We have received and treated 12 patients following the BMTC bus mishap that happened in the morning today. Of them, one has been shifted to ICU for further treatment, one requires surgery, five have already been shifted to the ward and the rest were discharged after giving necessary treatment,” said a spokesperson for Fortis Hospital, Rajajinagar. The Police used a crane to elevate the vehicle to free the traffic on the flyover. Commissioner of Traffic Police, P Harishekaran visited the place and controlled the pulling of the bus.

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