BJP shoots itself in the foot with Amit Shah’s claim of ‘250 killed’ in Balakot strike

BJP president Amit Shah’s claim of IAF air strikes in Balakot killing “250 terrorists” has boomeranged to bite him and the party as the Opposition has now mounted pressure on the central government to produce proof the casualties caused in the covert operation conducted in the wee hours of 26 February.

Shah went on to slam the Opposition for questioning the success of air strikes saying that their remarks have “brought smile on the face of Pakistan”. Congratulating Modi on the strikes, Shah had said that the prime minister was the one leader who first conducted the surgical strikes in Pakistan in 2016 and has now again shown his “zero tolerance for terror” by ordering air strikes on terror targets and militant hubs in the neighbouring country.

“The NTRO, which has an authentic system, said that 300 mobile phones were active (at the Balakot site). Were these mobile phones used by the trees? Now, will you (Opposition) not believe the NTRO also?” Singh asked while addressing a public meeting in Assam. But, the damage was already done by Shah’s claims of “250 terrorists killed” in the IAF air strike. Meanwhile, the Opposition has criticised the Centre by calling it a “liar”.

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