BJP president has urged the party’s disciplinary committee to present a report

Amit Shah, BJP president on Friday spoke against the controversial statements of his party leaders, including Pragya Singh Thakur, on Nathuram Godse, stating that the BJP has taken note of their statements, which are against its ideas.

BJP president has urged the party’s disciplinary commission to present a report on the issue in 10 days for further action.

“The remarks made by Anantkumar Hegde, Ms Thakur and Nalin Kateel are against the BJP’s ideology, and the party has taken serious note of their statements,” he wrote on his tweet.

Amit Shah further said these remarks were their individual statements which also had no connection with the party.

“They have withdrawn their statements and have also apologised. However, their remarks are against the decorum of public life and the BJP, and also against the party’s ideology.

“Taking serious note of their remarks, the party has decided to send them to the disciplinary committee,” Amit Shah said.

Ms.Thakur said Godse was a patriot on Thursday, and on Friday, Mr Hegde on his Twitter wrote that he was “happy” about the debate on Godse and then later alleged that his Twitter account had been hacked.

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