Banerjee warns Amit Shah for playing divisive politics

Post Amit Shah’s statement about individuals of Bengal who was being misdirected about the National Register of Citizens (NRC), Mamata Banerjee has advised the individuals of the state against the troublesome legislative issues and has said that it won’t work in the state.

She has said that everybody is welcome to Bengal and can appreciate the neighborliness of thekin. But, kindly don’t proclaim any disruptive governmental issues. It won’t work in Bengal.

The Trinamool Congress head has said that individuals of various beliefs in Bengal practice their separate religions but meet up to commend the state’s greatest celebration Durga Puja , which brings together individuals of various beliefs.

Earlier, Shah had stated that individuals of Bengal are being deluded about the NRC and he guarantees all Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain displaced people that they won’t need to leave the nation. Shah added that all infiltrators would be pushed out of the nation.

A prior endeavor by the government to push the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill came to nothing after it bombed table the bill in the Rajya Sabha. The bill slipped by in March.

The BJP has blamed Banerjee for favoring infiltrators in Bengal for their votes. The TMC thusly blames the BJP for polarizing voters on religious lines. Banerjee keeps up that there is no requirement for NRC in Bengal. A month ago during a gathering with Shah in New Delhi, she had raised the issue of NRC in Assam and said no Indian ought to be put through challenges.

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