BaaghonmeinBahaarhai: PM Modi releases Tiger Census, India succeeds target 4 years early

Indian tiger population presently holds 2,967 and tremendous growth of about 33 percent in the 4th cycle of the Tiger Census has been

recorded. PM Narendra Modi, who published the statistics of the tiger estimation, said that India has attained the objective of multiplying

the tiger population four years before the deadline.

On Monday Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the release of All India Tiger Estimation Report 2018, “Today we reaffirm our

commitment towards protecting tigers. Results of the just declared Tiger Census would make every Indian happy. Nine years ago it was

decided in St. Petersburg that the target of doubling the tiger population will be 2022. We completed this target 4 years early.”

As per the census, Madhya Pradesh noticed the largest number of tigers at 526, similarly followed by Karnataka at 524 and Uttarakhand at

number 3 with 442 tigers.

The PM told on a lighter note, that the story which began with EkTha Tiger and then proceeded with Tiger Zinda Hai, should not stop

there. It should be baaghonmeinbahaarhai.

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