Ayodhya land dispute, disputants moved Supreme court for urgent hearing

The primary disputants in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land conflict in Ayodhya on July 9 moved the Supreme Court asking immediate hearing.

He stated that nothing serious has been occurring in the matter which was assigned to a three-member committee of judges, directed by former apex court judge Justice F M I Kalifulla, to investigate a peaceable clarification.

The board directed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi was informed by senior advocate P S Narsimha, arriving for litigant Gopal Singh Visharad, that the dispute required to be filed for urgent hearing.

The senior lawyer stated that there has been no development in the matter regarding the land conflict which was assigned to the three-member committee.

“Have you filed an application for the early hearing?” the bench asked.

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