Anand Kumar founder of Super 30 suffers from a brain tumor

Bollywood’s most awaiting movie of Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 is all set to bang huge screen tomorrow, July 12.

The Movie is originally based on the real-life of Anand Kumar, who is basically a mathematician from Patna. The credit of training the underprivileged children free of cost and helping them cracking the IIT entrance exam goes to him.

Breaking news has come up just before the film’s release. Anand Kumar has lately admitted that he is undergoing an acoustic neuroma, a brain tumor.

In an interview with ANI, Anand admitted that he was in a rush to get his biopic done since there is no assurance to his life. He said that the film writer’s desired his permission for the film as soon as possible. It is so uncertain of life and death, so he wanted this biopic to be done while he is alive.

Continuing he said, that his condition in 2014 was so sick that he was unable to hear from the right ear. He underwent a lot of medications in Patna and later some tests results revealed that 80-90% of his hearing capacity of right ear has been damaged.

Furthermore, he added that when he checked into Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi, the doctors conducted a severe examination and undergone numerous tests.

Later they called him and said that he had no problems in his ear rather a tumor had been formed in the nerve which goes from ear to brain. He said he lost all his consciousness as soon he came to know about this shocking news.

“For now, I am healthy although it may get worse with time,” he told ANI.

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