An 8-year-old kills a toddler for revenge

An eight-year-old boy killed a toddler in South Delhi’s Fatehpur Beri as to take revenge against a girl who had hit his younger sibling, police said Monday. According to a senior police officer, some days before, the elder sister of the toddler pushed the boy’s brother which he fell down on the floor and had a minor injury on the head.

The boy was having a grudge on her since the incident. He killed the toddler alone to take the revenge, police said. Vijay Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police said that they were told Saturday morning that a one-and-a-half-year child had gone missing. Meantime, another boy was also found missing, who was a resident in a neighbouring house he said.

The body of the toddler was obtained from a drain near the house, Kumar said. The toddler’s body had injury marks on the right eye, abdomen, and leg. A case was filed at Fatehpur Beri police station and an inquiry was initiated, they said. The boy also missing was discovered the involvement in the case and was found on Saturday morning, the DCP said.

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