Amit Shah’s ‘250 terrorists dead’ in IAF air strike claim, just an ‘estimate’: VK Singh defends BJP chief

As Opposition leaders latched on to Amit Shah’s claim of 250 casualties in the Indian Air Force Strike in Pakistan, Minister of State External Affairs VK Singh came to the BJP president’s defence.

Singh on Tuesday said the toll is not a “confirmed figure” and that Shah meant that these many “might have died” in the air strike. “That (casualty figure) was based on people who were housed in the buildings which were hit, it’s an estimate. He is not saying this is a confirmed figure, he is saying this many might have died,” Singh.

Meanwhile, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) shored up attack on the Opposition as it sought to put the government on the back foot, as they questioned Shah’s claim of 250 casualties in the strike and asked how he was privy to the classified information.

On Monday, while the Congress asked the government what was the basis of Shah’s claim, Mayawati asked if Shah’s claim were true why Prime Minister Narendra Modi was silent on the issue.

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