Amit Shah says he will not allow a single immigrant in India

Amit Shah has stated that the Centre will not tamper Article 371 of the Indian constitution which is applicable to the Northeast and ‘not a single illegal immigrant will be allowed in India’.

Shah has added that the Constituent Assembly framed Article 370 as a temporary provision whereas Article 371 is about special provisions in the Northeast and there is a vast difference between the two.

He added that he thinks it is important to clarify the difference between the two. The prime minister and the government respect Article 371 and 371 (A).

The idea that Article 370 was temporary has been refuted by several constitutional experts. In a 2018 judgment, the Supreme Court had said that although the article’s title noted it as ‘temporary’, it was very much of a permanent nature.

Most states having special provisions under Article 371 are in the Northeast and it aims to preserve their tribal culture.

Shah has claimed that there was an attempt to send the wrong message that the BJP-led government would scrap Article 371 and this was done by people who did not want peace in the Northeast.

On the NRC, the home minister has said that questions are being raised about the NRC by different sections but the BJP-led government is committed to ensure that no illegal immigrant enters the region.

He added that the NRC has also been completed within the stipulated time-frame.

Shah’s visit has come just days after the publication of the final NRC in the state on 31st August.

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