All you need to know about world’s ‘quietest room’ located in Microsoft headquarters

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We all love to live in peace and enjoy some quality time by ourselves. Don’t we? In literal sense, being in a quiet place helps us to hear even the slightest sound or vibration. While we struggle to find peace and silence in today’s busy world, there is a unique place in the United States where one can be in complete pin-drop silence. This place is actually a room situated in Microsoft’s Washington headquarters and is said to be the world’s quietest room. Here, you can sit all by yourself in a space so silent that you can hear your own heartbeat.

However, there is still a catch as it is claimed that no one can stay in the room for more than an hour.

About the world’s ‘quietest room’Taking around two years to build the room called the ‘anechoic chamber’, Microsoft finally finished the construction of the room in 2015. It is located in the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, US. The room is completely soundproof, preventing any kind of external noise from reaching the occupants. It also stops any internal noise from coming out.

While this seems to be a peaceful experience, however, only a few people can stand spending hours inside the space. The room has also bagged a place in the Guinness World Record for being the “world’s quietest place” where the average background noise reading was measured at -20.35 decibels.

As per reports, the room has been designed in a manner that can help one focus and hear the sounds produced by their own body. While it begins by hearing the sound of one’s heartbeat, one can eventually also hear the blood flowing in their body and also of their bones crunching.

This sound can be so disorienting that people can have trouble standing straight in the room for more than 45 minutes.

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