Airaa movie hits theatre today

The horror film Airaa starring Nayanthara is now in screens and the response from the fans are positive as well as the critics. The film by Sarjun KM, who has earlier directed short films like Lakshmi and Maa. The movie’s main events turn about a blogger whose story takes an exciting turn when she remains to be haunted by her doppelganger. The trailer had got a great response from watchers and has a million views on YouTube.

Nayanthara is in a double role in the movie. She plays characters of Bhavani and Yamuna in the film. Sarjun KM, the Filmmaker, said that there is no connection between the two characters that the Lady Superstar is portraying in the horror flick. “Nayanthara plays a dual role in Airaa for the first time. There are no connections between the two different characters. Airaa is going to be a different experience,” the director had said.

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