AIIMS confirms plasma therapy no good to control COVID mortality rate

Plasma therapy has failed to control the mortality rate in COVID patients as the director of AIIMS, Dr. Randeep Guleria confirms that the number of fatalities recorded in both groups(patients who received the therapy and others sans it) was equal.

A trial was conducted in 30 COVID positive patients and the interim results and analysis have suggested that the therapy did not reduce the mortality rate though researchers are still figuring out the method. “Number of fatalities recorded in both groups was equal; there was not much clinical improvement in the condition of patients. Plasma has to be tested for safety and should have sufficient antibodies to be useful to COVID patients,” says AIIMS director.

Guleria while talking to the PTI on Thursday said that during the course of the trial, one group was given convalescent plasma therapy and the necessary treatment for COVID patients and the other group did not receive the former one. This, however, did not make any difference in the result. Even though there were no positive results to look at, he did not deny the possibility that plasma therapy indeed can be used for this very reason with only addition that the whenever we are taking plasma from a person, it has to be safety checked and should have enough and more antibodies to be made useful for COVID patients. He assured me that the research is still going on.

Another health expert and additional professor in the Medicine department at AIIMS had earlier said in a webinar that even though we know that using plasma is safe but there is no official statement whether it can be used in full force or not.

“Convalescent plasma is not a magic bullet. It may be used particularly in the early moderate stage of the disease. This is a work in progress as we do not know those characteristics.”

But this information is also very important for the relatives and friends of the patients who are continuously insisting on plasma therapy. Plasma therapy does not have a fixed outcome and it does not promise anything. So till anything is finalized and made official, usage of this therapy will be kept under national guidelines and limits. The findings highlight that relatives of the patients should not insist on plasma therapy until and unless the treating doctor considers the patient fit for it and where he may think that the mode of treatment would be beneficial, Dr. Neeraj Nischal, associate Professor in the department of medicine at AIIMS, told the PTI

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