About 60 people killed and 11 injured in an attack in Nigeria

The extremists, Boko Haram in an attack killed about 60 people in Nigeria, an official told Sunday. It was the most dangerous extremist assault on civilians in the area this year.

Muhammad Bulama, committee chairman of the Nganzai government, said that about 11 others were injured during the incident on Saturday.

The last week Nigerians noted the insurgency grim 10-year anniversary of the Boko Haram, and has killed tens of thousands of people, dismissed millions and built one of the world’s largest generous crises.

The extremists are recognised for forcing people into suicide jackets for the blast in markets, mosques.

The military of Nigeria did not say on Saturday’s attack.

BunuBukar, secretary of the Borno Hunters Association, a self-defence group, told the extremists exploded up on Saturday on motorbikes and started a fire on villagers passing from funeral prayers to a relative. He stated his associates had obtained almost forty bodies.

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