A Bihar man designs helicopter which resembles a car

Mithilesh Prasad, 24-year-old’s dream was to design and fly a helicopter, but he could not fulfil his goal, he chose to exist it by presenting a car to look like one.

The car which looks like the helicopter is now growing as a centre of attraction in Chhapra, Bihar.

Mithilesh, a pipe fitter cheering from Simari village in Baniyapur, lately transformed his Tata Nano car in a helicopter by combining fundamental design features of a helicopter to it.

The car cannot fly but it is designed as a conventional helicopter-like main rotor, tail boom and tail rotor. The rotors and side decorations are outfitted with LED lights.

It took nearly seven months for him and his brother to create the design and an investment of seven lakh rupees was utilised in the project.

Mithilesh who is the 12th class pass out dreamt of making helicopters and holds content to drive his “helicopter car” on the road yet he cannot fly.

Speaking about his project, Mithilesh stated, “It was my dream since childhood that I construct a helicopter on my own and fly in it. But I do not have a strong background so I made my car look like a helicopter.”

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