37 countries supporting China wrote a letter in reply to western criticism

UN ambassadors from 37 countries issued a letter supporting China’s strategy of Uighur and other minorities in the Xinjiang province on Friday, an immediate reply to Western criticism.

Representatives from over the EU with Australia, Canada and Japan and New Zealand had first co-signed a text condemning China’s policy in Xinjiang, one million people, often ethnic Uighurs, are reportedly happening maintained in internment camps.

On Friday a different group of states, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Algeria and North Korea responded on Beijing’s behalf.

“We support China’s extraordinary achievements in the area of human rights,” said the letter.

The group of ambassadors claimed for the record of the letter as an official report of the Human Rights Council, which covered up it’s 41st gathering in Geneva on Friday.

The Western representatives had presented the identical request.

Beijing rejected the Western letter as a lie on Thursday.

After initially rejecting their presence, Beijing has operated on a public relations attack in an effort to counter the global complaint on what it calls “vocational education centres” in Xinjiang.

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