16 terrorists camps in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir

Pakistan has initiated 16 terrorist training camps in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir, top Army sources have said.

“As per the latest intelligence inputs received by us, Pakistan has activated 16 terrorist training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and they are planned to be pushed into India during this infiltration season in summer months,” top army sources said.

The terrorist from the camps has now begun moving towards their launch pads near to the LOC. Indian Army posts in the forward regions are on high alert and are having a strict watch on any trial by the Pakistanis to drive terrorists into India.

“After the killing of Zakir Musa, there were speculations that it would lead to wide unrest like it happened after the killing of Burhan Wani in 2016. However, we have seen that the entire Propaganda fizzled out in less than two days in this case. This also shows the extent of demoralisation among the terrorist Cadres,” the sources said.

After the Pulwama attack, security firms have worked on a targeted campaign on Jess terrorists and about 30 of their leaders and other personnel have been killed in these operations.

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